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Log Cabins And A Working Home

Your log cabin, your workplace

In the UK there are many millions of people who are self employed and essentially work in either a very small office somewhere near where they live or they work from home. When talking about working from home in a garden building it is certainly much more of an appeal than any commute in the mornings and also much more appealing than working on the kitchen table with kids running around in the morning rush.

So with the options being quite limited for a small business from a room point of view in the home and also the financial point of view in getting an office with rents and rates, there are only 2 real options. The first is to extend the house which unfortunately is very costly and will require a lot of planning, permissions from council and of course money. The second option is an increasingly popular option and that is a garden building that is customer built to the size you need and to also have it insulated for all weather conditions and to get running electricity to it as well.

The best thing about have a garden building compared to a physical house extension is that the price is much lower and you do not need any permission to put it up as it is not a ‘fixed’ structure so to speak. Also because of the quality of the garden buildings now they are more than capable of being used even in the winter due to the fact they can come insulated and have working electricity take a look at our log cabins. Due to the recession and the uncertainty of the economic outlook in 2011 and 2012 people are looking to still improve their home with structures like these rather than spending fortunes on extensions and conversions.

So in reality the garden buildings market has actually done very well in the recession as a result of this buying trend. The amazing thing about going with a garden building is that the design and look from the outside can be whatever you want it to be. Some designs can look like a garden shed or some can look very modern and sleek. Alternatively you can pick nice traditional wood for the outside and they can appear to look more like a summer house. No matter what you go for on the outside of the garden building, you can have the inside to whatever speck you want, with carpet, wallpaper, a small desk, nice chair and everything an office needs.

As well as getting the structure insulated for the winter months you can also get it double glazed which again will just help to keep it warm all year round and retain heat much more efficiently.